The Interplay of Glycosyltransferases Shapes the Structures of Glycans

Their Function and Disease State

Dr. Chi-Huey Wong, Distinguished Research Fellow at the Genomics Research Center (GRC), and his team have recently published a report that increases understanding of the substrate specificity of an enzyme called fucosyltransferase 8 (FUT8). FUT8 is the only enzyme to catalyze core fucosylation of N-glycans on glycoproteins in mammalian cells. This research furthers our understanding of the important biological process of glycosylation, and has potential to be applied to explore new glycan markers for diseases or cancers and/or lead to the development of better glycoprotein pharmaceuticals such as antibody drugs. The research was published in JACS, the Journal of the American Chemical Society, on July 5.

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我首先在此誠摯的感謝多位中研院院士、院內同仁及親友關心本人所涉浩鼎案件,及最近受監察院彈劾之事,我也再次鄭重聲明絕無做任何不法的事。我於14 年前從美回國服務主要是想協助台灣改善科研環境,萬萬無法想像會在院長卸任前6 個月被指涉犯貪污治罪條例,前幾天監察院又決定彈劾本人送公懲會,雖言追究的是行政責任,但彈劾案文中多次提及違法失職,自行判斷「事證明確」,但其內容主要來自於未經辯證的起訴書,且有嚴重誤解,本人深感遺憾也無法接受。此案既已進法院審理中,我相信事實真相會大白,司法會還我清白,謹澄清並向各位報告如下:

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Statement by Chi-Huey Wong

I would like to sincerely thank many of the Academicians and colleagues of Academia Sinica, friends and relatives for their concern and support in connection with my involvement in the “OBI Case” and the recent impeachment by the Control Yuan. Once again, I emphatically stress that I have never committed any misconduct. The main reason for my returning from the United States to Taiwan 14 years ago was to help improve Taiwan’s research and development (R&D) environment. I could never have imagined that six months before completing the term as President of Academia Sinica, I would be charged with violating the Civil Servant Anti-Corruption Act and additionally impeached by the Control Yuan a few days ago. Though the Control Yuan stated publicly that the impeachment had to do with my administrative responsibility, the impeachment text mentioned several times that I committed illegal conduct with clear evidence, which was mainly based on information contained in the unproven Indictment Paper. As I will explain below, I believe that the accusations arose from serious misunderstandings and that I will be vindicated as the truth will prevail.

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2006年宣布翁啟惠為新任中研院院長時,我不知翁啟惠是誰。了解之後只知道他做醣分子研究,在Scripps Research Institute做教授而已。我既不懂醣分子,Scripps又不像Stanford那麼出名,也就把翁啟惠放到抽屜去了。後來因為工作關係,才知道Scripps醫院是全美最頂尖的醫院,暢銷書「超級食物-14種改變一生的食物」作者:史提芬‧普拉特就是那裡的眼科醫生,Scripps前後出過4位諾貝爾獎得主。

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